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Seattle Freight Master Plan

City of Seattle Freight Master Plan


The FMP was adopted on October 3, 2016


The City of Seattle developed a Freight Master Plan (FMP) to address the unique characteristics, needs, and impacts of freight mobility. The plan helps us understand why freight is so important to the city and the region, examine the challenges of moving freight, and develop solutions to address the challenges. The FMP primarily focuses on urban truck freight movement to support Seattle's increasing demand for goods and services in a safe and reliable manner.  The plan outlines the critical role that freight movement has on meeting the City's goals for social equity, economic productivity, sustainability, and livable neighborhoods. 

The Freight Master Plan will include elements that have been a part of the other citywide modal master plans such as an existing conditions report, a policy framework, future conditions assessment, identification of near- and long-term improvements, design guidelines, and the creation of an implementation strategy that includes a data-driven prioritization framework.The plan will also consider how the freight network could be updated based on where trucks are actually traveling and in relation to other transportation modes and priorities.

SDOT has been working closely with the freight community, and began broader community engagement in October 2014. For more information please email

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Project Library

Memos and Presentations

PowerPoints, memos and other Freight Master Plan (FMP) outreach materials will be posted here as available.

FMP Advisory Committee Presentations

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation – February 2, 2016

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation – December 15, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation – November 17, 2015

Advisory Committee meeting presentation – September 15, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation - August 27, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation - July 9, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation - May 21, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation - April 2, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation - January 29, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation - November 20, 2014

Advisory Committee Meeting presentation - October 20, 2014

Other Presentations

Seattle Freight Advisory Board (SFAB) presentation – June 17, 2014

Project Reports

As work on the FMP moves forward, final reports and other documents will be posted here.

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