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Fauntleroy Way SW Boulevard Project

Project Update


Following voter approval of the Move Seattle levy in 2015 and additional dedicated project funding, the Fauntleroy Boulevard Project now has funding for design and construction. The project is currently at the 60% design phase.

Over the next year, we will continue to meet with area businesses, stakeholder organizations, and residents to refine and finalize the design. We anticipate completing design work in fall 2017 and beginning construction in late 2017.

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Project Description

Fauntleroy Way serves many purposes; it is a key entrance to West Seattle, a designated freight and bicycle route, and is home to numerous retail businesses and new residential developments. However, this portion of Fauntleroy Way has poorly defined sidewalks, significant distances between marked pedestrian crossings, no dedicated space for people riding bikes, and minimal landscaping.

The Fauntleroy Boulevard Project builds upon previous planning work done by the community. Discussions of improvements to Fauntleroy Way began in 1999, when the West Seattle Junction Hub Neighborhood Plan identified streetscape improvements in this area, and continued through the multi-year West Seattle Triangle planning process. The streetscape plan was formally adopted by SDOT and the Seattle Department of Planning and Development in 2012. In addition, the 2014 Bike Master Plan designated Fauntleroy Way SW for a protected bike lane. In 2015, voters approved the Move Seattle levy, which includes funding for the Fauntleroy Boulevard Project.

Through several extensive community planning efforts, the residents and business owners in the area have expressed the need for mobility improvements to make this stretch of Fauntleroy Way more comfortable for people walking or riding bikes, and highlight its role as a main entrance to West Seattle. The project goals are:

  • Respond to community needs identified in the West Seattle Triangle Plan and the Bicycle Master Plan
  • Improve mobility for all users, by balancing the needs of multiple users and reducing potential conflicts between people driving, walking, or biking
  • Enhance Fauntleroy Way SW’s role as a key entrance to West Seattle

As part of the design process, were evaluating these potential improvements:

  • New sidewalks, crosswalks, and shortened crossings at side streets, created by realigning skewed intersections
  • New street lighting
  • Signal additions and revisions
  • Protected bike lane(s)
  • Landscaping and other urban design features
  • Maintaining freight mobility

Project Schedule




  • Conceptual design


  • Community feedback on conceptual design alternatives

Summer 2014

  • Meetings and briefings with business owners, community organizations and residents
  • 30% design milestone

Fall 2014

  • Public open house
  • 60% design milestone

Winter 2017

  • Meetings with property owners, businesses, and community organizations
  • 90% design milestone

Spring 2017

  • 100% design milestone

Spring and Summer 2017

  • Pre-construction coordination with the community

Late 2017

  • Anticipated construction start

Public Outreach

We met with neighborhood stakeholder and property owners to share information about the project and collect feedback on the design throughout 2014 and early 2015. Over the next year, well continue to meet with area businesses, stakeholder organizations, and residents to refine and finalize the design, and share information about project construction.

You can sign up for our e-mail list here.

Project Materials

Questions or Comments?

Contact the SDOT Project Team:
Project e-mail:

Norene Pen
Project Manager

Rachel McCaffrey
Outreach Lead

Project Funding

The conceptual design and analysis for the Fauntleroy Boulevard Project were funded by local tax dollars. Final design and construction is funded by the voter-approved Move Seattle levy and additional dedicated project funding.


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