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Fairview Avenue North Bridge Replacement

November 17, 2016

Project overview

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is committed to maintaining safety for all users of Fairview Ave N. The oldest portion of the current bridge was built more than 65 years ago. It is the last timber-supported bridge on an arterial road in Seattle and needs to be replaced. While safe for travel today, the bridge is structurally deficient and seismically vulnerable, including the newer portion of the bridge (steel and concrete). Located on the southeast shore of Lake Union near the 1200 block of Fairview Ave N in Seattle, the bridge is next to the historic Lake Union Steam Plant building.

Existing conditions

The Fairview Ave N Bridge needs to be replaced. The timber piles on the western half of the bridge that hold the roadway up are decaying and the concrete girders on the eastern half of the bridge are cracked.

The bridge was not built to current seismic standards and has a limited load capacity for oversized vehicles.

Cracked girder on the eastern side of the bridge

Cracked concrete on the eastern side of the bridge

Decaying timber piles on the western side of the bridge

Fairview bridge

Building a better bridge

The new bridge is designed to be safer for all users as well as provide the infrastructure needed for potential transit expansion in the future. Click here for more information on the new bridge design.

Project schedule

*The project will comply with all necessary environmental permitting and associated schedules
**Construction start date pending permit approvals

Project Budget and Funding

The total project estimate is $42 million and the project is fully funded in three ways: Bridging the Gap, a nine-year levy for transportation maintenance and improvement, and federal funding through the Bridge Replacement Advisory Committee (BRAC), and funds from the Move Seattle levy.


Please contact MariLyn Yim, Project Manager, at 206-684-3190 or with any questions or concerns.


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