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SDOT Director's Rules

Proposed Director's Rule
Available for Review

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is issuing a Director's Rule regarding standards for issuance or denial of Street Use permits for First Amendment Activities, as authorized by Seattle Municipal Code Section 15.   

The comment period concludes at 5 p.m. on August 24, 2015.

Questions and comments regarding the proposed draft rule may be directed to Angela Steel at (206) 684-5967 or via email at

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Director’s Rules are administrative rules adopted according to the Administrative Code (Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 3.02).  Public notice of all SDOT Director’s Rules is published in the City’s official newspaper, currently the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, prior to adoption.

Please contact the SDOT Director’s Office at (206) 684-5000 if you have questions or requests concerning SDOT Director’s Rules, including:

  • Requests for signed copies of active rules;
  • Requests for copies of inactive rules (rules that have been superseded or rescinded);
  • Requests to receive public notices of proposed rules.  Any person may make a written request to receive an email alert or printed notice by mail when new rules are proposed. These requests may be renewed annually.

Active Director's Rules

SDOT 05-2015 U District Alley Activation Street Concept Plan – Appendix N to Right of Way Improvements Manual View Rule
SDOT 06-2015 U District Green Streets Concept Plan – Appendix O to the Right of Way Improvements Manual View Rule
SDOT 02-2015 Pontius Street Concept Plan- Appendix P to the Right of Way Improvements Manual View Rule
SDOT 03-2015 First Hill Public Realm Action Plan – Appendix Q to the Right of Way Improvements Manual. View Rule
SDOT 07-2015 Standards for Street Use Permits for First Amendment Activities. View Rule
SDOT 03-2014

Street Tree Manual

View Rule
View the Manual
SDOT 02-2014 Street and Sidewalk Use, Newsstands View Rule
SDOT 01-2014 Existing At-Grade Telecommunication Cabinet Upgrade Standards and Procedures View Rule

SDOT 05-2013

South Lake Union Street Concept Plans – Appendix I to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

View Rule

SDOT 04-2013

Roosevelt Neighborhood Streetscape Concept Plan – Appendix J to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

View Rule

SDOT 03-2013

Thomas Green Street Concept Plan – Appendix K to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

View Rule

SDOT 02-2013

Denny Way Streetscape Concept Plan – Appendix L to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

View Rule

SDOT 06-2013

10th & 11th Avenue Street Concept Plan – Appendix M to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

View Rule

SDOT 01-2013

Westlake and 7th Streetscape Concept Plan – Appendix H to Right of Way Improvements Manual View Rule
SDOT 7-2012 The Right-of-Way Improvements Manual, Chapter 4 View Rule
SDOT 6-2012 Design guidelines for vending carts and food vehicles permitted by the Seattle Department of Transportation Street Use Division View Rule
SDOT 4-2012 West Seattle Triangle Streetscape Concept Plan – Appendix G to Right of Way Improvements Manual                    View Rule
SDOT 3-2012 

City of Seattle Traffic Control Manual for In-Street Work

View Rule
SDOT 2-2012 Designation of Festival Streets and activities allowed under a Street Use Festival Street

View Rule

View Festival Streets list and maps

SDOT 1-2012

Installation, Closure, or Removal of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) located in the Public Place

View Rule
SDOT 4-2011 Sidewalk Cafés View Rule
SDOT 3-2011 Street and Stadium Vending View Rule
SDOT 1-2011 Pedestrian Mobility in and around Work Zones View Rule
SDOT 5-2010
Repeals SDOT Director’s Rule 04-01, Installation Criteria & Procedures for Responding to Requests for Safety Improvements regarding: Marked Pedestrian Crosswalks; General Traffic Control Signals; Pedestrian Traffic Signals; Pedestrian Traffic Signals for the Disabled or Senior Citizens; and Pedestrian Traffic Signals to Accommodate School Crossings.
SDOT 4-2010

Maynard Avenue South and South Lane Street Streetscape Concept Plan – Appendix F to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

SDOT 2-2010
Petitions for the Adoption, Amendment, or Repeal of SDOT Director's Rules
SDOT 1-2010
Private Electrical Devices Located in the Right-of-Way
SDOT 8-2009
Public Information
SDOT 7-2009

Queen Anne Ave North Streetscape Concept Plan – Appendix E to Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

SDOT 5-2009
Street and Sidewalk Pavement Opening and Restoration
SDOT 4-2009

Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs)

MDAR 09-01
Farmers Markets Permitting Process-2009 Pilot Program
SDOT 03-08
Pike & Pine Streetscape Conceptual Design – Appendix D to Right of Way Improvements Manual
MDAR 08-01
Operating Hours for City Properties; Unauthorized Camping on City Properties; Enforcement Procedures; and Removal of Unauthorized Property
SDOT 2-07
Green Streets: Design Guidelines and Review Process
SDOT 1-07
Review of Visual Artworks
SDOT 2-06
Skybridge Permits
SDOT 3-05

Terry Avenue North Street Design Guidelines – Appendix C to Street Improvement Manual

SDOT 2-05

The Right-of-Way Improvements Manual, Chapters 3 and 4

SDOT 11-2003
Seattle Design Guidelines for Link Light Rail, Beacon Hill Station
SDOT 2002-4

Street Element Excerpt from the Ballard Municipal Center Master Plan – Appendix to Street Improvement Manual

SDOT 03-2002
SDOT Rules of Conduct
SDOT 02-02

Posting of temporary signs on City owned utility poles, lampposts and traffic signposts in planting strips.  Definitions, objectives regulations.

SeaTran 2-2001
Seattle Design Guidelines for Link Light Rail, Southeast Seattle Stations
SeaTran 01-1

SeaTran Review Process for Sign Kiosks Proposed in the Right-of-Way

SeaTran 20-2000
Seattle Design Guidelines for Link Light Rail, Royal Brougham and Lander Stations
SeaTran 00-1

Shoreline Street Ends – Definitions, Objectives, Permit Application Requirements, Community Street End Development, Permitted Private Uses, SEATRAN Review of Application, Inspection and Survey, Permit Fee Formula, Permit Fee Reduction, and Permit Fee Review

SED 95-1
Standards for Issuance or Denial of Street Use Permits
SED 94-2
First Amendment Vending of Merchandise
SED 93-6
Alley Closures



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