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Seattle Interactive Bicycle Map

Welcome to Seattle’s interactive bicycle map!  The goal of this map is to get more people biking through our city including those that haven’t biked for some time, if at all.

Bike RackSeattle’s biking community is diverse, from daily commuters to the occasional weekend joy-rider.  It is this diversity that makes Seattle such a thriving bicycle community.  To help foster this energy, we have developed our bicycle web map to appeal the various comfort levels of riders.
The Seattle Bicycle Map has three different focus maps, each tailored to a separate type of cyclist:

  • Frequent Rider. The frequent rider rides a few times a week or more.  They typically ride to work and for enjoyment in all types of weather.  They feel comfortable in traffic and on dedicated trails.  They know the rules of the road.
  • Average Rider. The average rider rides their bicycle on a regular basis, especially in good weather.  A typical trip can be the store, to pick up a movie or enjoy a picnic at the park.  Occasional commute trips are not out of the question for the average rider.  They occasionally ride in traffic but prefer riding in separated bike lanes.
  • Occasional Rider. The occasional rider is interested in riding a bicycle, but may not own one.  They understand the value of riding and are interested in becoming more active.  They are concerned about safety and are most comfortable riding on multi-use trails and other dedicated bike paths.

The Frequent Rider map is the default (it will open first when accessing the site).  Users can toggle between maps by clicking on the corresponding map name on the left hand side of the screen.  Please note: You may need to scroll down to view the other types of cyclists. The data shown on this map is derived from several sources with varying levels of precision.  Please send any errors or comments to

Click here to enter the Seattle Interactive Bicycle Map

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