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Seattles Bike Counters Ride Up and Be Counted

SDOT has 12 bike counters (four of which also count pedestrians) located on neighborhood greenways, multi-use trails, at the Fremont  Bridge and on SW Spokane Street. The counters are helping us create a ridership baseline in 2014 that can be used to assess future years and make sure our investments are helping us to reach our goal of quadrupling ridership by 2030. Read our Bicycle Master Plan Update to learn more about what Seattle is doing to create a citywide bicycle network.

The bike counters on the Fremont Bridge, Spokane Street, and 2nd Avenue are 24/7/365 counters and upload data once a day at 5 a.m., which is then displayed in daily, weekly, monthly, and annual running totals online. Data from the other seven counters will be uploaded once a month starting February 2014.

Questions about the Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs? Call (206) 684-7583 or email