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City Arborist

Photo: Trees in Seattle Seattle Department of Transportation is a strong advocate for effective management of urban forest resources on City streets. The department combines educational and regulatory efforts to ensure proper planting, pruning and removal practices along City of Seattle streets. Seattle has been recognized for 30 years as a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation, and as a Tree Growth City for 19 years.

Staff – (206)684-TREE (8733)

Nolan Rundquist, City Arborist. Certified Arborist, TRAQ, Municipal Specialist

Tyson Goeppinger, Certified Arborist, Utility Specialist, TRAQ,  Inspection district – Madison Valley, Central District, SoDo, Rainier valley south to Orcas.

Tim Griffith, Certified Arborist, TRAQ.  Inspection district – North of ship canal.

Paul Humphries, Certified Arborist, TRAQ.  Inspection district – Rainier Valley south of Orcas, Georgetown, South Park, West Seattle

Lou Stubecki, Certified Arborist, TRAQ. Inspection district – Queen Anne, Magnolia, Downtown

After the Storm…..Advice on dealing with tree issues


Urban Forestry Permits

Utility/Tree Inspections

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Tree Pruning
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Watering your trees helps them to grow & THRIVE!

New trees need supplemental water the first few years following transplanting in order to re-grow damaged roots. Learn more about watering new trees

Tree Planting
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Neighborhood Traffic Control Program
For more information about the City Arborist and Seattle Tree Programs, call 206-684-TREE (8733), or e-mail Nolan Rundquist, City Arborist.
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