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Third Avenue Transit Corridor Improvements

December, 18, 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent round of outreach. Meeting transit users, pedestrians and neighbors on the street at our series of Neighborhood Sessions this fall was an important opportunity for us to share proposed priority improvements to Third Avenue and hear your feedback. We value the input we received during our discussions and look forward to continuing to make Third Avenue a more welcoming and enjoyable place for everyone.

We'll continue to keep you informed as the project progresses. Click here to sign up for email updates or to send us your feedback.


Project Background

The Third Avenue Transit Corridor Improvements Project is part of a larger plan to create a vibrant, safe and thriving Third Avenue. It will improve transit function and create a more welcoming urban environment along the corridor between Denny Way and Jackson Street.

This work is supported by federal and local funds and is jointly sponsored by the City of Seattle and King County.

Together, the Seattle Department of Transportation and King County Metro Transit are working to make the Third Avenue Corridor a more inviting, accommodating, and attractive place for transit users, pedestrians and visitors.

This September, the project reached 30% design. To learn more about outreach conducted during this phase, you can read our outreach summary here.

As the project moves forward, we are focused on using our limited funding to advance the most critical improvements to the corridor first. These improvements will go through additional design work and we anticipate beginning construction in early 2017. Priority improvements include:

  • Enhancing bus stops and making sidewalk improvements between Pine St and Union St
  • Adding new bus stops and making sidewalk improvements between Marion St and Columbia St
  • Designing a bus only signal and intersection improvements at Denny Way and Third Avenue
  • Improving street signs and crosswalk markings throughout the corridor
  • Identifying partnership opportunities along the corridor


The project has $8.1M to spend; including money for design and initial construction—which means everything cannot be built at once. To remedy this, the project is considering a phased approach to making improvements in the corridor.

Our funding comes with restrictions on how it can be used. About half of the project funds must be used on bus stop improvements and half on sidewalk and urban design treatments that support transit function.

We are progressing the design of priority improvements that are within our current budget. We are actively seeking additional funds to progress the design for additional improvements. In 2016, we will develop a funding plan that will describe opportunities to secure funding to pay for implementing the entire Third Avenue corridor design improvements.


Project Library

December 2015 – Public Outreach Report (30% Design)

November 2015 – Project Info Sheet

June 2015 – 20 % Interim Design Report

Nov 2014 - Public Outreach Report

Nov 2014 - Urban Design Report
Appendix Part 1
Appendix Part 2

Fall 2014 – 10 % Concept Design | Denny Way to Jackson Street 
Oct 9-16 Neighborhood Sessions Display boards
Fall 2014 Third Avenue Transit Corridor presentation
Crime and Safety Technical Memorandum

Fall 2013 – Draft 10% Concept Design | University to Stewart 
Full Third Avenue University to Stewart 10% Design Report
Postcard for 10% Concept Design Open House

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