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Third Avenue Transit Enhancements
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Third Avenue Transit Corridor Improvements – 12/02 update

Third Avenue is downtown Seattle’s most heavily used transit corridor. More than 2,500 buses travel the corridor every weekday and about 42,000 people board at bus stops on the corridor each day. Thousands of visitors, workers, shoppers and area residents also use Third Avenue daily.

To help create a positive and inviting environment for transit users and pedestrians, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and King County Metro Transit are working together to make the corridor an inviting, accommodating, safe and attractive place where people want to be.

The Third Avenue Transit Corridor Improvements Project will complement and be coordinated with the many other improvement projects underway in the downtown area.

Project Updates

November 2014

The Urban Design report is now available

The report presents a corridor-wide urban design plan for transit and pedestrian improvements for Third Avenue between Denny Way and S. Jackson Street.  It approaches the corridor as three segments on the corridor:  Belltown, the Business District, and Pioneer Square, and illustrates corridor-wide and segment-specific design concepts for every block on the corridor. View the report here.

Metro tests ticket machine in downtown Seattle

Metro installed a new bus ticket vending machine at the northbound bus stop on Third Avenue between Pine and Stewart streets (in front of Macy's). Riders can use the machine to buy tickets while waiting for the bus.

The six-month pilot project will last through May 2015. At the end of this time, Metro will assess how well the machine performed, how many riders used it, and potential benefits to bus schedules before deciding whether to expand the program.

Learn more about the ticket vending machine here and share your opinions in the online survey.

October, 2014

The project team is close to finalizing 10% concept designs for the corridor! Proposed design options include:

  • New red bus zone curbs to delineate transit zones and feature pavers that organize and designate sidewalk uses
  • Landscape enhancements and tree drainage systems
  • Improved lighting throughout the corridor, including pedestrian, intersection and bus identity light columns
  • Updated transit canopies in certain areas along the corridor
  • Art integration and blank facade treatments

We Want to Hear from You!

SDOT and Metro want to know what you think will better connect and improve Third Avenue for transit users, pedestrians, business and visitors alike as we design future improvements along the corridor.

Thanks for joining us on Third Avenue!

Thanks for sharing your ideas on proposed design ideas at our series of Third Avenue Neighborhood Sessions Oct 9-16. We had over 300 people stop by our events and share their thoughts about Third Avenue with project staff. An outreach report is now available.

Project Background

The Third Avenue Transit Corridor Improvements Project is part of a larger plan to create a vibrant, safe and thriving Third Avenue. It will improve transit function and create a more welcoming urban environment along the corridor between Denny and Jackson streets. The project has extended transit priority measures approximately .75 miles north through the Belltown neighborhood.

The initial phase of the project focused on the blocks between University Street and Stewart Street. This phase included both drafting the 10% concept design for this four-block area as well as rebuilding the sidewalk and bus stop on the east side of Third Avenue between Pine and Stewart streets, otherwise known as the “Macy’s Block.” This new block showcases and tests improvements similar to those planned at bus stops along Third Avenue over the next few years. The construction in this particular block included a number of features, some new to Seattle:

  • A transit information kiosk (similar to other kiosks located along Third Avenue)
  • Ticket vending machine
  • New sidewalk paving with “smog-eating” photocatalytic material
  • A sidewalk widened by six feet to better accommodate bus commuters and passing pedestrians
  • New trees at the north end of the block (near Stewart Street)
  • An expanded bus stop during most hours of the day to allow more buses to serve the stop at the same time
  • Design a new transit canopy
  • New lighting to improve visibility and comfort
  • A new “street elements zone” to organize trash cans
  • A new red curb treatment to emphasize the loading zone and improve safety

The project team has completed  a 10% design that updates and expands this conceptual design through the entire corridor. The final urban design report is available in the project library.

SDOT and Metro are committed to working with area residents, businesses, commuters and other stakeholders throughout the project to ensure that designs consider the needs of a variety of users.


This work is supported by federal and local funds and jointly sponsored by the City of Seattle and King County Metro Transit. Both agencies allocated local funds to match federal grants that provide about $9.6 million for design and construction of physical improvements.


Project Library

Third Avenue Fact Sheet

Nov 2014 - Public Outreach Report

Nov 2014 - Urban Design Report
Appendix Part 1
Appendix Part 2

Fall 2014 – 10 % Concept Design | Denny Way to Jackson Street

Oct 9-16 Neighborhood Sessions Display boards
Fall 2014 Third Avenue Transit Corridor presentation
Crime and Safety Technical Memorandum

Fall 2013 – Draft 10% Concept Design | University to Stewart

Full Third Avenue University to Stewart 10% Design Report
Postcard for 10% Concept Design Open House

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