To maintain their usability, every year we pave arterial streets prioritizing them by pavement condition; traffic volume; geographic equity; and opportunities for grants or coordination with nearby projects, to support costs. Our hardworking [...]
The Seattle 2018 Annual Parking Study is out – helping you to play like a parking pro! Every year since 2010, the Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program assesses supply and demand, to help drivers more reliably find short-term parking. The [...]
Heads up if you’re travelling downtown during rush hour this afternoon, Thursday, November 8, especially around 5 PM. A coalition of groups will be holding a rally and march regarding the dismissal of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in [...]
Employer shuttle shared stops. Say that three times fast!   Transit is popular. Sometimes, a little too popular for us to keep pace with. And sometimes, folks aren’t well enough served by the current system (we’re working on that, thanks [...]