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SDOT Mission, Vision, and Core Values

SDOT Mission:  To deliver a high-quality transportation system for Seattle

SDOT Vision:  A vibrant Seattle with connected people, places, and products

Our 5 core values:

We're focused on creating a safe, interconnected, vibrant, affordable, and innovative city for all.  

A Safe City
We will not accept traffic deaths as an inevitable part of traveling together in a safe city. Our goal is to eliminate serious and fatal crashes in Seattle. Safety also means being prepared for a natural disaster by seismically reinforcing our bridges to withstand earthquakes.

An Interconnected City
More travel options doesn't always equate to an easy-to-use, interconnected system. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use, reliable transportation system that gives you the options you want when you need them.

A Vibrant City
A vibrant city is one where the streets and sidewalks hum with economic and social activity. People meet and shop and enjoy the beautiful city we live in, side by side with goods delivery and freight shipping. Our goal is to use Seattle's streets and sidewalks to improve the city's health, prosperity, and happiness.

An Affordable City
Our goal is to give all people high-quality and low-cost transportation options that allow them to spend their money on things other than transportation. The transportation system in an affordable city improves the lives of all travelers – those with the latest model smart phones in their pockets and those without.

An Innovative City
Demographic changes and technological innovation are radically reshaping transportation. Our goal is to understand and plan for the changes of tomorrow, while delivering great service today. This includes newer, more nimble approaches to delivering projects and programs to our customers.

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