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The Seattle Department of Transportation's (SDOT's) mission is to deliver a high quality transportation system for Seattle—a safe and reliable transportation system which enhances neighborhoods, the environment and the economy. Our vision is a vibrant Seattle with connected people, places and products. The viability of our neighborhoods and the health of our region's economy are dependent upon access and mobility. Descriptions of the responsibilities of each SDOT division are below.

SDOT Department and Division Organization Charts (September 2017) (PDF format)

Director's Office

The Director's Office oversees all of the functions, staff and services of the department, guiding and shaping SDOT to attain our vision, mission and goals.  Our emergency management and communications (public relations and media relations) functions for the department are also part of the Director's Office as well as the liaison with the Mayor's Office and the Seattle City Council.

Finance and Administration Division

The Finance and Administration Division supports our entire department by providing financial and accounting services. Also in this division are information technology, human resources, performance management, Women and Minority Business Enterprise programs, asset management, safety and risk management, and building and fleet management.

Policy and Planning Division

The Policy and Planning Division develops city transportation policies and creates long-range plans to guide local and regional transportation investments.  Other division programs include urban design to help transform streets into inviting public places; capitol planning and programming; and developing sources of revenue and grants.

Project Development Division

The Project Development Division develops conceptual designs for capital projects prioritized in the City's modal and community plans, including the pedestrian, bicycle and transit master plans, and designs and delivers smaller projects. Other division programs include Safe Routes to School and the Vision Zero initiative to eliminate serious and fatal collisions on city streets.

Transit and Mobility Division

The Transit and Mobility Division works to improve transportation choices, while managing a limited parking supply with pricing to support business district access, sustainability, and economic development goals. Their work includes transit planning and the purchase of transit services; streetcar planning and operations; car share and bike share; transit capital project management; active streets; education and encouragement to reduce drive-alone trips; off-street parking partnerships; and management of the city's on-street parking pay stations, load zones and parking permit programs.

Maintenance Operations Division

The Maintenance Operations Division manages street surfaces and sidewalks including design and engineering, project management, paving and maintenance, street sweeping, snow and ice removal, and street-related emergency response. This division is responsible for urban forestry services including landscape architecture, arborist services, and street tree and landscape maintenance. The Maintenance Operations Division also installs traffic signs, pavement markings, guardrails and other traffic control devices. Our sign manufacturing shop and the field-crew radio dispatch center are in this division.

Transportation Operations Division

The Transportation Operations Division is responsible for operation of the City's street system—the City's bicycle, pedestrian, freight and transit facilities. They design, install and operate traffic signals and intelligent transportation systems; conduct freight programs and commercial vehicle enforcement; administer permits for traffic, truck and parking (Traffic Permit Counter); review temporary traffic control plans for construction; manage traffic data and records; design signs and pavement markings; and coordinate special events in the public right of way. Our Transportation Operations Center, the control center where current traffic conditions are monitored and reported, is in this division.

Capital Projects and Roadway Structures Division

The Capital Projects and Roadway Structures Division oversees all aspects of project management and engineering, construction management, environmental management, right of way and real property, and consultant contracting. CPRS is also responsible for overseeing the city's roadway structures: bridges, retaining walls, public stairways and other structures.  Its employees operate the city's five movable bridges as well as plan and monitor their seismic retrofit.

Street Use Division

Street Use manages the use of the public right of way. Staff members in this division issue permits for construction of streets and sidewalks by private parties and ensure they meet City specifications. They coordinate work on underground utilities in street areas, and the work on private property that could affect the street. They manage the use of right of way spaces for other types of activities that benefit the public such as neighborhood block parties, play streets, parklets and public access to the water at street ends.

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