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The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) develops, maintains, and operates a transportation system that promotes the safe and efficient mobility of people and goods, and enhances the quality of life, environment, and economy of Seattle and the surrounding region. The City's transportation infrastructure is valued at more than $13 billion, including:

  • 1,540 lane-miles of arterial streets,
  • 2,412 lane-miles of nonarterial streets,
  • 135 bridges,
  • 494 stairways,
  • 587 retaining walls,
  • 22 miles of seawalls,
  • 1,060 signalized intersections,
  • 47 miles of bike trails,
  • more than 200 miles of on-street bicycle facilities,
  • 35,000 street trees,
  • 2,150 pay stations,
  • 40 parking meters, and
  • 26,200 curb ramps.

2015 Adopted Budget

2014 Adopted Budget

2013 Adopted Budget

2012 Adopted Budget

2011 Adopted & 2012 Endorsed Budget

2010 Adopted Budget (p.27)

2009 Adopted Budget (p. 379)

2008 Adopted Budget (p. 375)

2007 Adopted Budget (p. 395)

2006 Adopted Budget (p. 389)

2005 Adopted Budget (p. 497)






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