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Arterial Paving Project: 3rd Avenue

October 16, 2014

Project updates – October 2014

Due to limited available funding, SDOT will be postponing the 3rd Avenue repaving project until at least 2016. It is our intention to move forward with the project once funding becomes available.

To read more about the project status of this project, as well as other work on 3rd Avenue, click here to view a version of a letter we sent to adjacent properties on October 16, 2014.

Please check this Web page in 2015. We will post new information as it becomes available.

Project Overview

Existing Conditions

3rd Avenue is a primary arterial, connecting downtown to Queen Anne (and North Seattle) to the International District (and South Seattle). 3rd Avenue serves more than 3,600 vehicles per day, approximately 45% of which are buses, making this one of the most heavily used transit corridors in the country. Today, 3rd Avenue is marked by potholes, cracks in the pavement and seams in the roadway, which can be hazards for vehicles, bike riders and pedestrians.


Improving safety, accessibility and comfort

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will make road and sidewalk improvements along 3rd Avenue between Denny Way and Virginia Street. The project will include:

  • Rebuilding sections of 3rd Avenue with concrete for improved durability and longevity
  • Repaving parts of 3rd Avenue where the pavement is in poor condition
  • Installing curb bulbs at Clay, Blanchard and Lenora streets to shorten crossing distances and improve pedestrian safety and visibility
  • Replacing substandard curb ramps to provide ADA-compliant pedestrian access
  • Replacing drainage inlets, where needed, to improve stormwater management

Current Schedule

Unfortunately, we have not been able to secure the necessary funding to complete the project (originally scheduled for spring/summer 2015). However, we recognize the need to repave the roadway and intend to do so as soon as funding becomes available. The work is being postponed until at least 2016.

Public Outreach

SDOT is committed to engaging with the community and understanding the needs in the project area. Nearby businesses and residents will receive updated information as the design is finalized and plans for construction evolve.

A public meeting was held on July 15 at the Belltown Community Center (415 Bell Street), where participants learned about the project, asked questions and met members of the project team.

To date, the project team has:

  • Mailed letters to adjacent businesses and residential properties within the project area to provide an update of the project status – delaying the work until at least 2016 (October 2014)
  • Mailed letters to the adjacent businesses and residential properties within the project area to provide more information about the project and invite them to the open house (June-July 2014)
  • Mailed a postcard invitation for the July 2014 open house to approximately 8,400 nearby property owners and tenants (May 2014)

Project Materials

Click the links below to view our project materials:

Project Funding

Because we were not able to secure the necessary funding to perform the work in 2015, the project will be postponed until at least 2016. Prior to that time, SDOT will pursue funding to complete the work. The estimated project cost is $9.3 million.

Questions or Comments?


Paul Elliott
Project Communications Lead
(206) 684-5321

Johanna Landherr
Project Manager
(206) 684-4574

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