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Community Access and Parking Program

The Community Access and Parking Program is SDOT's effort to improve on-street parking management in Seattle's neighborhood business districts and nearby residential areas.

Through this program, SDOT works with community members to identify on-street parking challenges and opportunities, develop parking recommendations, and implement changes. Outcomes may include new time-limit signs, load zonespaid parkingrestricted parking zones, bicycle parking, or other changes.

In early 2016 we are working to develop more standard outreach and information materials.  Check out our 2009 brochure for more general information on the program and parking tools available.

Current Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Business District Access Intercept Surveys

Our program conducts regular surveys of the transportation modes and parking choices of visitors and customers in Seattle’s business districts. Check out the results of these surveys.

Program Goals

  • Provide access for customers and loading
  • Support residential parking access
  • Support a sustainable transportation system

To reach these goals, we’ve identified the following guiding principles:

  • MANAGE : parking is a scarce resource with many competing demands – SDOT’s role is to manage this public good wisely (learn more about our curbspace priorities).
  • ENGAGE : creatively engage all aspects of the community in a meaningful planning process.
  • COORDINATE : organize parking planning efforts around transit service improvements, bus rapid transit (BRT) routes, other SDOT construction projects, and neighborhood planning processes.
  • BE EQUITABLE : incorporate new neighborhoods where we have not studied parking in the past; study areas throughout the city.
  • EVALUATE : Return to neighborhoods where we have implemented parking management plans to evaluate, assess, and update previous work.

Past Neighborhoods


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Contact Us :

For more information contact project manager Jonathan Williams, (206) 733-9026, jonathan.williams2

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