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Utility Coordination in City Streets

The Planning Analysis Coordination Tool (PACT) was designed to facilitate tracking utility projects in the right-of-ways of the City of Seattle. PACT was developed under the guidance of the Utility Coordination Committee (UCC) and the Right-of-Way Management (ROWM) Program Manager.

The PACT database system enables the following:

  1. Provides public and private utilities, and SDOT divisions with information in regards to planned construction work
  2. Identifies coordination opportunities and shows projects that have been coordinated
  3. Identifies street moratoriums

By City ordinance, utility agencies are required to update the database at least once a year by January 31st with information regarding planned capital improvement projects for the following three (3) years. The latest change in PACT is its implementation as an online database system. The new online system will provide utility agencies the capability of updating their own data as often as they wish.

PACT projects can be viewed for the current year from the SDOT Construction Coordination Map. Please see below for accessing the SDOT Construction Coordination Map.

Mapping Tools:

City Staff:
PACT information can also be viewed from the SDOT ROW Maps tool, under the PACT Tab. To access the map, click the following link:
http://sdotapp2/rowm/. You must be a city employee to access this tool.

For questions related to PACT or to add or change agency users or to request security access to the PACT Online application, please email us at

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