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Field Operations Unit

2nd and denny.jpgThe Field Operations Unit is responsible for the maintenance of SDOT’s Tree and Landscape Inventory. In 2010, this inventory includes approximately 40,000 street trees, 204 Landscape Complexes, and 131 Irrigation Systems.  This unit also provides technical assistance and emergency support to clear larger trees and vegetation that fall into the Right of Way.

Tree Maintenance:

17th  2 028.jpgBy far the most common maintenance practice for trees is pruning.  We divide our pruning into three categories, and all of our pruning conforms to Best Management Practices as set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture as well as the American National Standards Institute. We also plant, water, mulch, and in some limited instances control pests.  If you would like to know if the tree in front of your house or property is actively maintained by SDOT, call 684-TREE.

Landscape Maintenance:

SDOT maintains approximately 123 acres of landscapes within the Right of Way.  These landscapes include a diverse variety of plant material and their individual site conditions vary just as widely.  Conditions are influenced by the age, type, location, plant material, irrigation system and maintenance regimen that exist at each.  To see a list of the landscapes that are maintained by SDOT, please click on the link above.  If you have questions or concerns about an SDOT landscape, please call 684-TREE.


Gary Hren, Landscape Supervisor, 206-684-4121

Joe Markovich, Certified Arborist, Tree Crew Supervisor, 206-684-4134


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