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Seattle Bicycle Master Plan

Last updated: April 16, 2014

Available now – Adopted Bicycle Master Plan

2007 Bike Master Plan

Bike Master Plan Update Project Library

Seattle Bicycle Master Plan

Since its adoption in 2007, the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) has served as the blueprint for making improvements to Seattle’s bicycle network.  The focus of the BMP is on expanding bicycle facilities on the City’s street network and for completing Seattle’s well-known urban bicycle trail system, including the Burke-Gilman trail. 

Goals and Objectives

The plan focuses on two major goals: to triple the amount of bicycling in Seattle between 2007 and 2017, and to reduce the rate of bicycle collisions by one third during the same timeframe.  Additionally, plan objectives address developing and maintaining a safe, connected bicycle network throughout the city; providing supporting facilities to make bicycle travel more convenient; and implementation measures such as funding of improvements and bicycle education, enforcement, and encouragement programs.

Progress on Implementing the Plan

Since adoption of the plan in 2007, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has implemented a number of significant bicycle improvements, including:

  • 129 miles of on-street bicycle facilities, such as bike lanes and sharrows
  • 9 miles of multi-use trail improvements, including two segments of the Chief Sealth trail, two segments of the South Ship Canal trail, and one segment of the Burke-Gilman trail
  • 98 miles of bicycle wayfinding signage
  • 2,230 new bicycle parking spaces

Bicycle Master Plan Update

In 2012, SDOT is pleased to be embarking on an update of the Bicycle Master Plan.  While the BMP has been effective at guiding improvements to the City’s bicycle system over the last 5 years, an update to the plan presents an opportunity to include fast-evolving best practices and new thinking in bicycle facilities, safety, and design that will result in an even more connected bicycle network for all Seattle residents wishing to bicycle as a viable form of transportation. 

Plan Update Elements

Specifically, the plan update will: 

  • Update the current bicycle network map and incorporate facility types that are not in the existing plan, such as neighborhood greenways and cycle tracks
  • Develop a more robust process to identify areas of greatest need and priority for bicycle facilities
  • Incorporate updates to bicycle design standards that have been developed since 2007

Plan Update Timeline

SDOT will lead the BMP update working with interested parties.  Initial public involvement and technical work will begin in early 2012, with work continuing throughout the year.  The final update should be ready for City Council adoption in early 2013. 

Learning More and Getting Involved

This website includes the full current version of the Bicycle Master Plan.  SDOT is encouraging broad participation in the update of the plan, including for those who are currently not active bicycle riders in the city but would like to be (and are interested in seeing specific improvements made).  To get involved or follow along with the 2012 update of the BMP, sign up at the top of this webpage and submit your contact information, or send an email to  SDOT will send email alerts to interested parties on upcoming events relating to the BMP update.

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