Landscape Design & Construction

Sustainable landscapes

Street-side swales shown in photo
Street-side swales manage stormwater on-site.

Local codes, industry standards, and successful developers are moving towards sustainable site development. Benefits include soil restoration, water conservation, onsite stormwater management, site appropriate trees and plants, sustainable materials, easier maintenance, and the community and customer value of green environments.

Landscape design

  • Fit the design to the site.
  • Start with the soil.
  • Choose the right plant for the right place.
  • Manage stormwater on-site.
  • Design for water conservation.
  • Develop a maintenance plan.

Landscape construction & installation

  • Minimize site impacts, to maximize benefits.
  • Protect and restore soil functions.
  • Plant it right, and care for plants until established.
  • Verify proper installation of soil, irrigation, etc.
  • Train end-users in sustainable care.
  • Train staff and users for long term success.

Learn about sustainable design in our guide Natural Landscaping: Design, Build, Maintain (pdf).

Explore this site for soil best practices, irrigation design, lawns and planting, training opportunities, and more.

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