Lake Youngs Reservoir

Photo of Lake Youngs Reservoir
Lake Youngs Outlet Dam with cameras and outlet channel to Little Soos Creek

The Lake Youngs Reservoir is located northeast of the City of Kent near the town of Covington and is accessible only to SPU staff and authorized visitors. A failure of the Outlet Dam south of the reservoir could cause flooding along the Little Soos Creek, Soos Creek and to the Green River. 

A dam failure warning system was implemented for the Outlet Dam at the headwaters of the Little Soos Creek south of the reservoir. This system includes field instruments to detect dam failure and on-site cameras used remotely by operators to verify field conditions. The system is operated and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An emergency notification protocol is established with the National Weather Service and King County as part of the emergency action plan for the facility. If a dam failure is detected, staff will verify the situation through video cameras and issue failure notification if necessary. The public notification includes:

  • Weather Radio (National Weather Service - NOAA Weather Radio)
  • Telephone Automatic Out-dialer (Seattle Public Utilities Auto Dialing System is currently being replaced by the King County CodeRed System)
  • It is important to understand that the Lake Youngs Dam is monitored and well managed. It is unlikely to fail.