Design Standards & Guidelines

The Design Standards and Guidelines (DSG) include engineering requirements, details, specifications, policies, and procedures. The DSG help Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Design Engineers, Project Managers, and Consultants perform engineering work for SPU.

Chapters are organized by SPU's lines of business and subject matter categories. 

The DSG is used for all new Capital Improvement Projects managed and delivered by SPU's Project Management and Engineering Division, and can be referenced for other types of projects or programs.

Certain chapters or portions of chapters are not available to the general public for security reasons. If you need to see any of these, contact

DSG Request Form (PDF)

Guidelines by Chapter


Seattle Public Utilities (“SPU”) Design Standards and Guidelines (“Guidelines") are intended for internal SPU purposes only. While great effort has been made to ensure their accuracy and completeness, this information and the Guidelines should not be used or relied upon for any specific application without competent professional examination and verification of its accuracy, suitability and applicability by a competent licensed engineer, architect or other licensed professional. SPU makes these Guidelines available for the convenience of third-parties who seek to review or gain an independent understanding of the SPU Guidelines to utilize at their own risk. The procedures, methods and guidelines herein are meant as a guide only and SPU makes no representation or warranty with respect to any third-party use. Many of the guidelines herein contained are general in character and are not to be construed as replacing, modifying, or superseding any of the provisions of the specifications, plans or contract that a third-party user may have with SPU or any other department of The City of Seattle.

The Guidelines themselves are subject to constant updates, and the user of these Guidelines should verify with SPU whether any guideline or portion thereof has been updated. To the extent that any third-party usage is based on a need to obtain approval by SPU for facilities or construction, the mere incorporation of the Guidelines into third-party plans or designs does not guarantee that the plans or designs will be approved by SPU. Nothing in these Guidelines is intended to relieve any consultant of its own professional duties and obligations of compliance with applicable laws, standards, industry practices and/or professional obligations. The City of Seattle bears no liability nor responsibility for any third-party use of these Guidelines and any user of the Guidelines assumes all liability arising from such use.


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Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is comprised of three major direct-service providing utilities: the Water Utility, the Drainage and Wastewater Utility, and the Solid Waste Utility.