A composite photo of SPU employees working with RV remediation, painting out graffiti, and people using garbage and sharps bins.

Seattle Public Utilities' (SPU) Clean City is a dedicated team committed to protecting the environment and preserving public health. This passionate group of individuals works tirelessly to preserve the safety and cleanliness of our environment and ensure that all community members have equitable access to public spaces.

What do they do? 

SPU's Clean City Division implements and administers programs that safeguard the environment, maintain access to public spaces, and promote public health and safety with a range of services from graffiti enforcement to providing essential unsheltered services such as encampment trash removal. Clean City aims to swiftly and efficiently remove litter, graffiti, sharps, illegal dumping, and other hazards that risk the health and safety of residents and visitors. The Clean City team's prompt and efficient resolution of these issues ensures Seattle remains a healthy and safe environment for all. 

2023 Year-to-date data:

(Last updated October)

5.5M+ pounds collected

Illegal dumping

5,502,738 pounds of total garbage collected and disposed 

560K+ sharps collected


568,878 disposed needles at our sharps boxes 

1.4M+ pounds collected

Litter abatement

1,413,950 pounds of total garbage collected and disposed 

1.5M+ pounds collected

Unsheltered services

1,594,625 pounds of total garbage collected and disposed of GeoCleans, RV remediations, and encampment trash 

779K+ square feet abated


779,713 square feet of graffiti abated 

Help us keep Seattle safe and clean by reporting illegal dumping, pollution, and graffiti. You can also learn more about preventing and removing graffiti, collection of sharps, public litter cans, and keeping alleys clear of collection containers.

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