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Holiday Collection Schedule

If your collection falls on a holiday this year, learn about when to set out your carts.

For single-family residences, garbage and compost is collected every week while recycling is collected every other week. If you live in an apartment or condo, the collection day may be more frequent.

Manage your collection day with the following tools:

You can report problems with your containers or request services:

Note: Seattle Housing Authority customers do not receive garbage or food & yard waste service from Seattle Public Utilities. Please contact the Seattle Housing Authority for your collection information.

What to do when an "Oops" tag is left on your cart

There was a problem with your cart, like garbage in your recycling cart or plastic in your food & yard waste cart. Read the tag and fix the problem in time for your next service day. Collection drivers use the tags to make sure recycling and compost are clean and that your garbage cart contains only safe materials and isn't overflowing.

If you have more questions about your "Oops" tag, you may call Customer Service at (206) 684-3000.

Graphic of a garbage oops tag
Garbage oops tag
Graphic of a recycling oops tag
Recycling oops tag
Graphic of a food & yard oops tag
Food & yard oops tag

For Business &
Commercial Customers:

For garbage, recycling, and compost services, commercial businesses deal directly with the commercial garbage provider for their area to set up service or resolve issues. Apartment and condominium buildings, however, should work with Seattle Public Utilities for their service.

In certain downtown Seattle neighborhoods, both businesses and multi-family properties are required to reduce the storage of waste containers in the public right-of-way. Learn more about the Clear Alleys Program.

If you are developing a new commercial building, view container storage and access guidance. Also plan ahead to to properly label your container areas.