SPU Community Programs
Our connection to the community is very important. Learn how we work with you.
Keep Seattle Safe & Clean
Seattle Public Utilities works to remove illegal dumping, graffiti, and other pollution in public places.
Our Water Sources
We manage large, regional watersheds and many smaller urban watersheds within the city.
There are many opportunities for you to become involved and help us keep Seattle great.
Education Programs
Explore the programs we offer for you to learn about the environment and get involved.

Oil and grease resulting from food preparation can build up in pipes and lead to sewage backups, expensive plumbing bills, and pollution in Puget Sound. Learn more about fats, oils, and grease...

You can report common problems online: Surface Water Pollution | Illegal Dumping | Graffiti

Otherwise, contact Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Customer Service at (206) 386-1800 or by email. In case of emergency, call us 24/7. For hours, translations, and additional contact options, view more information about contacting SPU.

You can reduce your impact on the planet by learning about what you can buy used, donate, or resell instead of buying new or disposing of things. View more information about acceptable items to donate and resell.