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Trees for Seattle

Trees for Seattle is the umbrella for all of the City of Seattle's urban forestry efforts. Our commitment is to ensure that Seattle's urban forest is healthy, vital, and growing. You can find information through our website here, or you can contact us at treesforseattle@seattle.gov or 206-684-TREE (8733). You can also follow us on facebook or sign up for our monthly newsletter.


We Want to Hear From You

The City of Seattle is writing a new Urban Forest Management Plan that will guide our work to maintain, preserve, enhance, and restore Seattle’s trees. Our first step is to hear from you! We will use what we hear to craft the goals and actions of the new plan. Click here for more information and to tell us your thoughts.


Illegal Tree Removal on Private Property

If you observe what you think is illegal tree cutting on private property please report it to the Code Compliance Division of the Department of Construction and Inspections.

Please do this even if the trees have already been removed. It is extremely helpful to know the name of the tree cutting company. If there is no company name on vehicles or the workers don’t want to give it out providing the license plate number is helpful.


Explore Seattle's Street Trees

Have you ever wondered what neighborhood in Seattle has the most street trees? Or worried about the impact of invasive pests on our urban forest? Or wanted to know what work the Department of Transportation is doing for the trees along your street? Now there is a really easy way to answer those questions and many more.

Trees for Seattle is excited to launch an online story map outlining how we manage and care for Seattle’s valuable street trees. Our easy format will help you explore our management units, tree canopy cover, environmental justice focus, the resiliency of the urban forest, and much more. If you are a tree lover in Seattle, you are going to find something relevant to you - even if you are just looking for interesting trivia for your next dinner party.


2016 Canopy Cover Study

Canopy cover is the percent of the city that's covered by trees, as seen in an aerial view. Canopy cover is an important management tool for the City to understand the extent and distribution of trees in Seattle. Seattle's goal, established in 2007, is to reach 30% canopy cover by 2037. The City of Seattle’s most recent canopy cover study, using data from 2016, found that 28% of Seattle is covered with trees. You can find more information here.


Stop Tree Topping

If your trees are being pruned, be sure they are not being topped. Tree topping is an outdated pruning practice that indiscriminately removes large amounts of leaves and branches. It looks terrible, causes serious damage to the tree, and often turns a safe tree into a safety hazard. Check out this great resource from the City of Tacoma on why tree topping is a terrible way to treat your tree. If you are hiring someone to prune your trees, make sure they are an ISA Certified Arborist. A legitimate arborist will never recommend tree topping.

Street Tree Manual Available

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has a great new resource to provide a one-stop tree care reference for residents, developers, contractors, and tree service providers. The manual outlines the requirements and standards established in the 2013 Street Tree Ordinance. Click this link to open and explore the new manual.

If you have questions about the manual, contact SDOT at (206) 684-TREE or Seattle.Trees@seattle.gov.




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