Free Toilets for Low-Income Homeowners

We offer free water-saving toilets for income-qualified homeowners. Toilets are the biggest water-user in most homes. Replacing an older toilet with a new, water-efficient toilet will help keep your water and sewer bill as low as possible.

What's included?

  • One free toilet per household
  • Toilet installation
  • Removal and recycling of your old toilet


Eligibility Requirements

  • You must receive a Seattle Public Utilities bill
  • You must live in the home you own
  • Your existing toilet must have been manufactured before 2004
  • You must meet the 2021 income guidelines below

Your income qualifies if...

This many people live in your householdAnd your total (gross) monthly income is less thanThat's the same as a gross yearly income of less than
1 $3,563 $42,756
2 $4,660 $55,920
3 $5,756 $69,072
4 $6,853 $82,236
5 $7,949 $95,388
6 $9,045 $108,540
7 $9,251 $111,474
8 $9,457 $113,946
9 $9,662 $116,418
10 $9,868 $118,878
Each Additional $206 $2,472

Note: Gross household income is the combined income of all the people residing in the household who are 18 years or older, before taxes are taken out. Gross income is based on 80% of the state's median income.


To Participate

Call our partner, Sound Generations Minor Home Repair, at (206) 448-5751. If you qualify, Sound Generations Minor Home Repair will schedule an appointment to check your toilets, showerheads, and faucet aerators and install water-saving replacements as needed.