Fauntleroy Creek Culverts Replacement

Fauntleroy Creek is located in southwest Seattle and drains a 149-acre area (.23 mi2) – called the Fauntleroy Watershed – into the Puget Sound.

There are three culverts along Fauntleroy Creek. The culverts located at 45th Avenue SW near SW Wildwood Place and California Avenue SW near SW Brace Point Drive are in extremely poor structural condition. Due to the culverts’ age, condition, and permitting restrictions related to fish passage requirements, the culverts need to be fully replaced.

The third culvert, which is located under Fauntleroy Way and includes a fish ladder, was replaced in the late 1990’s and is not part of this project.

What’s Happening Now?

SPU is in Options Analysis for the Fauntleroy Creek Culverts Replacement Project to identify and evaluate options for replacing the 45th Avenue SW and California Avenue SW culverts.

Options Analysis will last approximately a year and a half and will end with the selection of the recommended alternatives for replacing the culverts. Once this phase ends, the SPU project team will begin a formal Design Phase for the preferred replacement options.

During Options Analysis, SPU is also investigating creek, drainage, sediment, utility, or other infrastructure issues within the Fauntleroy Creek drainage basin that may be addressed through this or other projects.

Community Feedback

Over the past few months, we have met with many community members to introduce the project and gather feedback. We are continuing to seek community input to inform options analysis and future phases of the project.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House on March 20 and shared your feedback with us. If you weren’t able to attend, we would like to hear from you! Please complete the online feedback tool to share your ideas with the project team.

SPU will continue to provide updates to the community as we move through planning and design. To receive updates about the project, please click the link under Connect on the right-hand side of this page to sign up for the project listserv.

Project Goals and Benefits

The primary intent of the project is to prevent the risk of catastrophic failure of the roadway culverts and the associated potential impacts to health, public safety, and the environment.

Project Documents