Drinking Water Reservoirs

What & Why

We operate several water storage facilities downstream of our Cedar and Tolt source water treatment facilities. These provide us with the capabilities and flexibility to provide clean and consistent water service to your tap.

We have replaced six open reservoirs with underground structures to improve the quality and security of our water supply. The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department constructed recreational open space improvements over the covered reservoirs. The reservoir covering program provided 90 acres of new open space, including Magnolia (Magnolia Manor Park), Lincoln (Cal Anderson Park), Myrtle (Myrtle Reservoir Park), Beacon (Jefferson Park), West Seattle (Westcrest Park), and Maple Leaf (Maple Leaf Reservoir Park).

Roosevelt and Volunteer Reservoirs remain uncovered and provide only critical emergency water resources for our customers. In the event of a major earthquake, the reservoirs could be a vital source for emergency water and fire-fighting purposes.

Contact Matt Orr at matt.orr@seattle.gov or 206-733-9169.