Slow the Flow


Slow the flow of storm water and let the rain soak in.

Heavy storms and flash floods send rushing water into creeks and lakes. That fast moving water erodes the natural system by dumping debris and pollution, eroding banks, destroying plants, and widening the channel.

What you can do

  • Learn how Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) can provide you the guidance for modest to grand transformations of Seattle’s urban landscape.
  • Learn what you can do around your home and take action with RainWise Tools.
  • Let the rain soak in, build soil with mulch and compost
  • Use open pavers and gravel for patios and pathways
  • Managing Rainwater (pdf) at home. Learn more about slowing the rain that runs off your roof and driveway, and letting it soak in. This instructional booklet is part of Seattle's Green Home Remodeling Series.
  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) happen when pipes that carry both stormwater and sewage overflow into our waterways during heavy rain.