Installing a Water Main

A water main is a water supply pipe for public or community use.

Water main installation process

Initiation phase

  1. Check for water availability by submitting a Water Availability Certificate (WAC) Request Form (pdf):
  2. We will then assign a project lead for the lifecycle of your project.
  3. Your project lead will draft a contract and invoice for payment.
  4. You will need to sign the contract and pay the invoice.
  5. We will then issue an approved WAC.
  6. SDOT 60% SIP approval will be accepted.

Design phase

  1. Your engineer will submit 30% alignment drawings to us for plan review.
  2. Your engineer will submit 60%, 90% to SDOT Street Use as a Utility Major Permit or Street Improvement Permit application.
  3. Once review cycles are complete and the plan is approved, SPU and SDOT will sign mylars.

Pre-construction phase

Your assigned project lead will send you the following documents:

  • A pre-construction meeting notice form.
  • A transfer of ownership form.

You must fill these forms out and return them to your project lead.

Construction phase

After you submitted your pre-construction meeting notice to your project lead, the SPU resident engineer will invite all applicable representatives to the pre-construction meeting.

Please allow 10 business days for the meeting to be held after you’ve submitted the pre-construction meeting notice document to your SPU project lead.

Reconciliation phase

SPU reconciles all time and material fees when construction is complete. We will send you a bill for additional fees or issue a refund after completion.