Latecomer Agreements

Any development that is required to install eligible utility improvements may request a Latecomer Agreement.

Steps to create a new Latecomer Agreement

  1. The city identifies a utility improvement requirement for development project.
  2. The developer applies for Latecomer Agreement. The deadline to apply for a Latecomers Agreement is prior to approval of infrastructure design or Water System Valve Contract execution.
  3. The Latecomer Agreement is developed by SPU during review of project plans. Additional information is required from the developer.
    • Cost Estimating Worksheet
    • Assessment Reimbursement Area Parcel Roll
  4. Latecomer Agreement Contract is signed.
  5. SPU notifies parcels within the assessment reimbursement area of upcoming Latecomer Agreement.
  6. Utility is constructed, and final construction costs are documented.
    • Final Construction Costs Worksheet
  7. Final construction costs are reviewed and accepted by SPU.
  8. Latecomer Agreement Contract is updated.
  9. Developer pays SPU the Recording Fee for each benefitting parcel that will be encumbered.
  10. SPU records Latecomer Agreement with King County.
  11. SPU notifies benefitting parcels of finalized Latecomer Agreement and records encumbrances with King County. See Reimbursement Payments from Benefitting Parcels for the reimbursement payment process.