Environmental Justice Network in Action

Environmental Justice Network in Action (EJNA) is a project that continues to evolve as we find innovative ways to engage communities and promote equitable access to SPU’s products and services.

How we do our work: Case study

St Mary’s Parish and Food Bank was one of the first partnerships Seattle Public Utilities cultivated through the Environmental Justice Network in Action project. The partnership began as youth engagement to provide educational material about proper waste disposal. Youth and parish leaders learned how to recycle properly and gained an understanding of how recycling has a lasting impact on environment. A parish leader, Yolanda, emerged as a strong advocate for the cause. Yolanda championed the parish and food bank’s recycling practices, shifting the facility to reach zero waste. Since then, St. Mary’s has taken what they had implemented out into their community. Through a partnership with REEL Girls, we created educational videos to pass on recycling knowledge throughout communities in Seattle.

What you can do

Are you a community organization looking to partner with SPU?

  • Are you part of an organization working with people of color, people with low incomes, limited English proficiency, immigrant, and refugees?
  • Is your organization interested in working on environmental justice issues?
  • Does your organization regularly engage in community focused projects?

Are you a community advocate?

  • Are you interested in working with Seattle Public Utilities to engage your community in promoting composting, recycling, and water conservation practices through culturally competent methods?
  • Are you looking to connect with other advocates or organizations in your community around health and the environment?

If you are already doing work or interested in starting work around environmental justice issues please contact:

Marcella Wilson
(206) 386-4016