Apprenticeship Program

Water Pipe Worker - Careers

Two-year paid program

Earn while you learn as an apprentice at Seattle Public Utilities. If accepted into one of SPU’s two-year, on-the-job training programs, you’ll receive valuable job skills, excellent pay and attractive benefits. In addition to being full-time employees of SPU, apprentices are required to attend evening classes on their own time. The classes are paid for by SPU. Apprentices are also required to participate in fitness training during the apprenticeship. Learn more about the Standards of Apprenticeship (pdf) adopted by the City of Seattle. (link to the Standards of Apprenticeship temporarily unavailable)

Water Pipe Worker Apprenticeship

Assist journey-level Water Pipe Workers in the construction, installation, maintenance, repair, and operation of water mains, transmission pipelines, valves, fire hydrants and water services for the City of Seattle and its outlying customers. Learn more >

Drainage and Wastewater Apprenticeship

Assist journey-level Drainage and Wastewater Workers to construct, maintain and repair sewer lines, drainage systems, shafts, tunnels and maintenance holes in the drainage and sewer systems for the City of Seattle. Includes inspecting sewer lines using closed-circuit television. Learn more >