Longfellow Creek Water Quality Improvement Project

What & Why

As caretakers of the health of Seattle's waters, Seattle Public Utilities is working on long-term planning to understand issues in our sewer and drainage systems and is working with community to plan those investments. These improvements protect the health of the public and Longfellow Creek. Repairing our pipes and building green solutions upstream in the South Delridge community (South Delridge, Roxhill, Westwood, Highland Park, Riverview, and Puget Ridge neighborhoods) allows SPU to clean and slow water before it gets to Longfellow Creek.

We want to understand your community's dreams for better streets, parks, and community spaces. We also want to learn how our work can support local businesses and improve public safety. We want to get the most out of funds we spend on sewer and drainage projects in your neighborhood and we need your help to build that plan and form partnerships. Why?

Partnerships allow SPU funds to go further when we use the same space for two or more uses.

What's happening now?

We are focused on understanding your community's dreams for better streets, parks, community gathering and open spaces. We are looking for partnership opportunities to support the projects you care about and are working toward. We also want to learn more about opportunities for economic growth and how our work can support businesses in these neighborhoods. With your help we can get the most out of the funds we spend on drainage and sewer projects to help realize community goals.

The project team is currently collecting technical data and engaging with community stakeholders to learn more about their experiences during this early planning phase.

Innovation Team Recruitment

We are building an Innovation Team of nine, paid, community co-creators that reflect the diversity in the South Delridge community to guide and collaborate with the Project Team. Our goal is to center decision-making on racial equity. The Innovation Team will help us:

  • Understand what's important to the South Delridge community
  • Create innovative solutions to achieve community goals
  • Build professional relationships with other neighborhood leaders
  • Help build community partnerships
  • Understand risks when making investment decisions

Learn more about the Innovation Team
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Project goals and benefits

We are focused on improving water quality in Longfellow Creek. To do this, we will be creative about ways to improve the health and wellbeing of residents, particularly youth and the elderly.

To improve environmental and public health we will seek partnerships with community members, schools, and other community organizations in the area. We are actively seeking ways to incorporate environment and health-related benefits into our project.