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RainWise rebates

If you live in a targeted sewer overflow basin, you may be eligible for rebates to hire a trained RainWise contractor to install a rain garden or cistern. See if your property is eligible, find a contractor, and apply at RainWise Rebates.

Managing stormwater at home

Rain falling on our roofs, driveways, or compacted soil rushes off quickly to the nearest drain or stream. In big storms, this excess “storm water” can cause sewer backups, or pollute and erode our streams and waterways.

Why be RainWise?

Simple practices like planting trees, using compost and mulch, and building rain gardens and cisterns help:

  • Reduce pollution
  • Reduce flooding
  • Protect property

Today, Seattle manages nearly 100 million gallons of polluted runoff each year using green stormwater infrastructure methods. Our goal is to manage 700 million gallons of runoff a year by 2025. Learn ways you can help on the RainWise website or in the RainWise guides below.

Install your own rain garden, and other RainWise techniques for your yard

House showing RainWise drainage concepts

Questions? Call the Garden Hotline at (206) 633-0224 (free language interpretation available).

  • Para obtener más información llame al (206) 633-0224.
  • Để biết thêm chi tiết, hãy gọi Garden Hotline ở số (206) 633-0224.
  • 如果你需要更多資訊, 請 打電話給花園熱線 - (206) 633-0224.