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Keep Seattle streets litter-free

Join more than 3000 volunteers who clean up nearly 200 miles of city streets. The mission of the Adopt-a-Street program is to promote civic responsibility and community pride as well as to enhance Seattle's quality of life through clean streets and beautiful neighborhoods. This program was launched in the late 1980s and has gained national prominence as one of the most effective and efficient grassroots litter-removal initiatives.

As an Adopt-a-Street volunteer, you will receive:

  • Cleanup supplies (loaned for the duration of volunteer service - to be picked up and returned by volunteers)
  • Safety equipment
  • Special after cleanup garbage pickup (if needed)
  • Graffiti removal supplies
  • And more… view the Supply Request Form (docx)

What streets have been “adopted?”

View the Adopted Streets Map to see which streets have been adopted by volunteers. More than one group or individual can adopt the same street.

Ready to Adopt-a-Street now?

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