Specific Project Information Forms (SPIF)

Submit the following applicable Specific Project Information Forms with your JARPA to the Corps of Engineers. Per our Agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service (jointly the Services), Jim Muck (who represents both Services for the City of Seattle) is available to review your project to minimize impacts to listed species and to assist in filling out or to provide information for the forms. There is also a place on the Cover Letter for Jim to sign the form, indicating that he has reviewed all the forms to be submitted to the Corps.

It is also strongly recommended that, as with other Corps-permitted projects or activities, you attend a City of Seattle pre-application meeting.
See calendar for meetings (pdf).

All forms are in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF format.

Step 1:

Complete these required forms:

Step 2:

Complete the applicable construction or activity method forms:

Method 1: Delineation of Work Areas and Project Startup

Method 2: Clearing, Grubbing, Grading, & Placement of Temporary Fill

Method 3: Work Area Isolation and Fish Removal I Streams, Large Waterbodies and for Pipe Bypass

Method 4: Pipe, Culvert and Outfall Installation, Replacement and Maintenance

Method 5: Vactoring, Jetting, and Excavating Accumulated Sediments Sediments and Debris, Sediment Test Boring, and Pipe, Culvert and Bridge Maintenance

Method 6: Bank Stabilization

Method 7: Habitat Addition or Maintenance

Method 8: Beach Nourishment and Substrate Addition

Method 9: Boat Launch Improvement, Repair and Maintenance

Method 10: In-water and Overwater Structure Repair and Replacement

Method 11: Seawall Repair and Maintenance

Method 12: Site Restoration

Method 13: Landscaping and Planting

Step 3:

Submit these forms with the rest of your application package to the Corps of Engineers.