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For the Seattle Biological Evaluation (SBE), Corps of Engineers permitting, or the Endangered Species Act, consult your department liaison or Gail Coburn at (206) 684-7613 or

Department SBE Liaisons

Department staff can contact their department representative, listed below, for more information or questions:

Gail Coburn, SPU
Chris Potter, FAS
Cliff Portman, DPD
David Graves, Parks
Kristen Larson, HSD
Mark Mazzola, SDOT
Scott Powell, SCL

Federal Representatives

Department staff can contact the federal representatives, listed below, for information, questions or help:

Jacalen Printz, Corps of Engineers, at (206) 764-6901 or
Jim Muck, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service/NOAA Fisheries (aka. NMFS), at (206) 526-4740 or