Rates - Food and Yard Waste Cart

Monthly residential food and yard waste cart rates

Service Level (weekly)Curb or Alley (per month)Weight LimitDimensions
  2018 effective April 1, 2019    
13-gallon (mini-can) (view) $6.15 $6.40 20 pounds 11"W x 12"D x 27"H
32-gallon (view) $9.25 $9.60 60 pounds 21"W x 23"D x 40"H
96-gallon (view) $11.85 $12.30 180 pounds 29"W x 34"D x 46"H
extra yard waste (per bundle) $5.90 $6.15 60 pounds 4' x 2' x 2'
Special Pickup Fee
Pick up fee is for collection of one container
$45.55 $47.37    

Customers changing their food and yard waste cart size more than once in a twelve month period may incur a $28.50 fee charged to their solid waste account. Effective April 1, 2018 this charge will be $29.65

Extra yard waste charge

A fee is charged for each additional 32-gallon container or 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet bundle (4' x 2' x 2') set out beside your City-provided cart. Customers can also be charged for overflowing yard waste that prevents the lid from closing. See suggestions for containers for extra yard waste. Bundles must be tied with natural fiber twine. No food waste is allowed in these extra units.

Maximum weight allowed for each extra container or bundle is 60 pounds.

Free extra yard waste pickup in November

Extra yard waste fees are not charged in November, when customers are asked to keep fall leaves out of drains to reduce the risk of flooding. SPU will accept up to 10 bags of extra yard waste per household for free from November 1-30.

Extra food waste

Food waste is allowed only in your City-provided cart. If your City-provided cart is full, you can store it for the next collection or remove some yard waste to make room for the food waste. No food waste is allowed inside extra yard waste collection bins or leaf bags. You may consider increasing your cart service level if your food & yard waste volumes are greater than your current cart size.