Stencil a Storm Drain

Photo of preparations for stenciling

Have fun and help raise awareness by help to protect our water quality. Schools, families, community organizations and individuals are all welcome to paint a stencil next to storm drains in their neighborhood with the message:

  • Dump No Waste
  • Drains to Stream, Lake or Bay

How does a stencil help? Your volunteer service helps keep our local waterways healthy, clean and safe. Storm drains go directly into the nearest stream, lake, or Puget Sound. A stenciled drain reminds your neighbors that what goes into the drain will end up in the local waterway. When people know it's connected, they are less likely to dump pollutants like paints, antifreeze, and used motor oil into it.


Request a Stencil Kit

You will receive detailed instructions with your stencil kit. We a supply a bucket with the stencil, paint, gloves, and safety vests. For more information, contact Carlton Stinson at or (206) 684-7624.

Photo of children stenciling a drain

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