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Programs suspended due to COVID-19

All Spring Clean & Adopt-A-Street program operations are currently suspended. Due to public health and safety guidance on COVID-19, we've taken this precaution to help keep our staff and volunteers safe and healthy. To reduce community risk and exposure, all volunteer groups are advised to cancel all cleanups regardless of size, scope, and/or location. If you have any questions please contact us at or (206) 684-7647.
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Keep Seattle streets litter-free! Join the thousands of volunteers who clean-up hundreds of miles of Seattle’s city streets. The Adopt-A-Street (AAS) Program was launched in the late 1980s and continues to be one of the most effective and efficient grassroots litter-removal initiatives.

The mission of the AAS program is to promote civic responsibility and community pride as well as to enhance Seattle's quality of life for all residents through clean streets and beautiful neighborhoods

What does it mean to “adopt” a street? Adopting a street means that you will make a commitment to monitor and cleanup litter along a street segment of your choice. You will have a volunteer profile through the AAS Program where we will keep track of all the amazing work you do to keep your street litter-free!

Becoming a volunteer with the AAS Program will enable you to:

  • Set-up a street adoption 
  • Have all your volunteer efforts recorded under your volunteer profile
  • Receive street cleanup supplies and safety equipment
  • Receive free litter-bag pickup services following your cleanup event
  • Receive recognition of your volunteer efforts with an AAS Sign or Certificate of Appreciation

Adopt-A-Street Options

Joining the Adopt-A-Street (AAS) Program is easy and fun! Individuals, businesses, schools, clubs, churches, and organizations can help keep Seattle clean by adopting a street and performing regular litter cleanups. When adopting a street, you may choose to participate as a Traditional or Special adopter:

Traditional Adopter Option

  • Adopt at least 1 mile of city streets.
  • Adopt the street(s) for 2 years.
  • Complete 4 litter cleanups each year.

Special Adopter Option

  • Adopt any length of street for any length of time.
  • NOTE: you must still select specific street segment(s) to adopt, and communicate with the AAS Volunteer Coordinator when you will be discontinuing your adoption.

Both Traditional and Special adopters receive street cleanup supplies and litter-bag pick-up services for two or more bags of debris. Traditional Adopters may also choose to apply for an official Adopt-A-Street sign! After your first year of service, you will be eligible to apply for a sign by filling out the Sign Request Form (doc) to apply for one official sign.

Learn How to Adopt-A-Street today!

1. Consider your Adoption Commitment Type

Based on the length of street and time commitment your group can make, decide whether you would like to be a Traditional or Special Adopter

2. Review the Adopted Streets Map

You may or may not already have an idea of a street that you would like to adopt. View the Adopted Streets Map to see which streets are available, or to make sure the street you are interested in adopting is not already adopted by another volunteer. All city streets with sidewalks are eligible to be adopted. If you are a participating business, please select streets that are arterials.

Remember, you will need to adopt 1 mile of street if you would like to be a Traditional Adopter.

3. Send in a Commitment Form

Fill out the Adopt-a-Street Commitment Form (docx). Please include the streets you would like to adopt and their zip code(s). You may either email this form to, or mail it in to the address indicated on the form.

Please note:

  • The AAS commitment does not legally obligate you to do anything. This form is used to determine which volunteers qualify for support such as equipment, volunteer liability insurance, and disposal assistance.
  • The AAS program coordinator may reject proposed street adoptions if they deem the street does not have conditions safe for cleanup volunteer access.
  • The AAS program coordinator will review your application and contact you if they have any questions concerning your information or chosen streets. When the AAS coordinator has approved of your adoption they will notify you.

4. Organize and Participate in a Litter Cleanup!

Decide when you and/or your volunteer group would like to perform a cleanup event! If you are borrowing supplies for your cleanup, please send a Supply Request Form (docx) to at least two weeks before your scheduled cleanup date.

Supplies consist of garbage and compost bags, litter grabbers, gloves, safety vests, and more! You may also request a Storm Drain Stencil kit.

5. Review Adopt-A-Street Safety Guidelines

  1. Review safety guidelines from the Adopt-a-Street Safety Guidelines (pdf) sheet.
  2. Inform volunteers of all AAS safety guidelines before the cleanup begins.
  3. Check that all volunteers are wearing proper safety equipment and fully understand established safety procedures.

6. Track Volunteers at your Cleanup

Record volunteer names on the Volunteer Sign-In Sheet (pdf) at your cleanup so they receive insurance coverage during the event under the City's Volunteer Insurance Program. The sign-in sheets are to be kept by the volunteer leader of each cleanup event.

7. Report your Cleanup

Within 24 hours after your cleanup, call the hotline at (206) 684-7647 or email to report your cleanup event. Please report the following:

  • Volunteer name and cleanup group/organization name
  • Date of cleanup event
  • Location where the cleanup occurred (Along:___street___, From:___street__,  To: __street__)
    • You can simply report one block of street— we just want a general idea of where the cleanup event occurred! e.g. Along: S Graham St, From: 28th Ave S, To: 29th Ave S
  • Number of volunteers that participated
  • Number of hours spent cleaning
  • Number of bags collected

If you need assistance disposing of the bags collected, please describe the exact intersection or address where the bags are located, and we will send a crew member to pick up the bags within about 48 hours. Litter bag pickup services are available for two or more full bags.

If you borrowed supplies and do not plan to have another cleanup event in the near future, please coordinate a time to drop off the supplies with the Adopt-a-Street Coordinator.

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