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Keep Seattle streets litter-free by participating in Adopt a Street! Adopt a Street is Seattle's grassroots litter-removal program. Join the thousands of volunteers who clean up hundreds of miles of Seattle's city streets!

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What does it mean to "adopt" a street? Adopting a street means that you will make a commitment to clean up litter along a street segment of your choice. As you participate, we will support you and keep track of all the amazing work you do to keep your street litter-free!

Adopt a Street Volunteers:

  • Choose a street to adopt and take care of
  • Receive free clean up supplies and safety equipment
  • Receive free litter bag pick up following a cleanup
  • Are supported by Adopt a Street Staff

Sign Up as a Volunteer Today!

Adopting a street is fun and flexible! Clean up alone, on your way to work or school, or with your business, school, club or faith-based organization!

1. Decide where to adopt

View where streets have adopters, and which streets need your help! Many adopters choose their block, a street on their way to school or work, or a street near a park they often visit.

Please note: If you or your group is interested in working towards an Adopt a Street sign, this will require a commitment of at least 1-mile of street, a minimum of 4 cleanups per year for two years or longer, and a minimum of 75 combined volunteer hours.

2. Fill out your sign up form

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to adopt a street, fill out the Adopt a Street commitment form. Let us know where you’d like to clean up and how to keep in touch with you.

We’ll reach out to you to let you know if your adoption is confirmed, or if we have questions.
If you’re interested in working towards a sign for your group, you’ll need to adopt at least 1 mile of street, and clean up 4 times a year for 2 years. If you select this option, we’ll double check the distance you’ll be cleaning and track your cleanups.

Start Cleaning Your Street!

1. Request supplies for your cleanup

We provide litter grabbers, safety vests, gloves, garbage bags, yard waste bags, sharps containers and other supplies as needed.

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Request what you need using the online supply request form!

2. Be safe during your cleanups

Read through our safety procedures, and watch our helpful safety video. Be intentional about following safety guidelines during your clean up. All participants must wear safety equipment.

All participants must sign a Volunteer Safety Liability waiver. This is how volunteers are covered under the City’s Volunteer Insurance Program.

Report your Cleanup!

Your reporting is how we track the success of Adopt a Street. We need your help! Let us know what you cleaned up and if your litter bags need to be collected. Report your clean up online! 

You can also email us, or call (206) 684-7647. Tell us: how many participants, the total hours your group volunteered, where you cleaned, how many bags you collected, and where we should pick up the bags (intersection or address, and a photo if you can).

Adopt a Street will remove 2 or more full bags of litter. But, we CANNOT pick up bags on private property or in parks. Please place the bags on the edge of the sidewalk nearest to the street and out of the way of pedestrians.

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