Lakeridge Park Sewer Line

What & Why

Seattle Public Utilities owns and maintains a sewer line on Parks Department property within Lakeridge Park. The sewer line lies beneath the trail that extends through the Deadhorse Canyon area of the park. Since 2009, there has been continued evidence of slope movement of the hillside and trail in Lakeridge Park (also known as Deadhorse Canyon). There are visible cracks along and across the pedestrian trail, which is heavily used.

What’s happening now?

In early 2014, SPU completed several tests on the sewer line. There was no evidence of a sewer line leak, and no fecal coliform bacteria were detected in the creek. Based on testing results, there is no reason to believe the pipe is currently damaged.

A project team with SPU and Parks representation has assembled to identify and evaluate options to protect the sewer line, ensure uninterrupted service, and protect park natural resources. SPU investigated a section of the canyon near the visible cracks in the trail. The project team is evaluating potential slope stabilization options and may also evaluate options for relocating the sewer line or replacing it with one or more pump stations. The project team intends to complete this analysis of options in early 2017.

Project goals and benefits

  • Protect the sewer line that currently runs through Lakeridge Park.
  • Ensure that SPU meets our level of service for sanitary sewer customers near Lakeridge Park.
  • Protect Taylor Creek and park natural resources from sewage spills.