Bull Trout Juveniles

juvenile bull trout

A juvenile bull trout in the Cedar River Watershed.

A research and monitoring study to evaluate the critical early life stages of bull trout and rainbow trout in the Chester Morse Lake basin was initiated by Seattle Public Utilities in 2005 in collaboration with the U.S Geological Survey (USGS) and Forest and Channel Metrics, Inc. Three large PIT (passive integrated transponder) tag arrays were installed in the Cedar River and Rack and Boulder creeks to monitor movement of bull trout, rainbow trout, and adult pygmy whitefish.

Fish were captured using electro-fishing, minnow traps, and beach seines, and then measured and individually marked with an internal PIT tag. Timing and directionality of movements were documented as individually marked fish moved over the stationary PIT tag antenna arrays. Recapture of marked fish provided valuable information on growth and condition, as well as movement within and between streams.

In an effort to learn more about bull trout fry immediately after emergence, we conducted daylight count surveys of newly emerged fry throughout known spawning habitat between 2000 and 2004. The goal of these surveys was to investigate habitat use of early emerging fry and document any relationship between numbers of newly emerged fry and redd abundance.

View the Bull Trout Juvenile Movement Study Report on the bull trout species web page.