Managing the Watershed

Headwaters of the CRW

The forests component of the HCP is designed to protect and restore habitats for species that inhabit, or could inhabit, the municipal watershed.

Under the HCP the City has agreed to these commitments:

  • Eliminate timber harvest for commercial purposes to effectively create a watershed ecological reserve, providing long-term, comprehensive protection of the watershed ecosystem.
  • Provide a total of about $27.2 million for a comprehensive program to restore fish and wildlife habitats that have been degraded by past activities such as logging and road construction.
  • Remove approximately 38% of the forest roads within the watershed by 2020. Employ restoration thinning, planting, and other approaches to restore the natural forest processes and functions that create and maintain habitats for at-risk species.
  • Design and conduct projects to restore habitat in streams and streamside areas and to improve water quality over the long term.
  • Provide more than $6 million to design and conduct comprehensive research and monitoring studies that will provide the information needed to achieve the conservation objectives of the HCP over the long term.

Contact Information

Natural Resources Section Manager
Amy LaBarge
(206) 733-9777