HCP Oversight Committee (OC)

Flowing Water

The Cedar River Watershed HCP Oversight Committee’s function is to advise the City of Seattle concerning HCP implementation. The Oversight Committee serves as a forum for communication regarding implementation of the HCP, identification of issues that need discussion and resolution, and periodic review of HCP progress.

The Oversight Committee membership includes representatives of a variety of organizations and stakeholder groups. View the roster of the current Oversight Committee membership (pdf).

The Oversight Committee meets twice per year, in June and December.

The Oversight Committee reviews and provides guidance to the City on HCP implementation. It also conducts periodic comprehensive reviews of HCP implementation.
View Comprehensive Review recommendations and related HCP decision documents for past years.

For additional information about HCP implementation, please contact:
Michele Koehler, Aquatic Resources & HCP Program Manager
(206) 733-9447