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  • Masonry Dam Masonry Dam
  • puddles appearing Moncton May 15, 1915. However, as the water rose behind the dam, in the nearby town of Moncton, people started noticing puddles appearing when there had been no rain.
  • water rising Moncton May 15, 1915. And the more the water rose behind the dam, the higher the water rose in Moncton.
  • using rowboats Moncton May 15, 1915. Soon, people were using rowboats to get around town.
  • houses Moncton June 28, 1915. Many of these hardy souls didn't move away, they just moved to the second floor.
  • waters kept rising Moncton June 28, 1915. As the waters kept rising, it was discovered that the dam had been built on an area of glacial moraine (hills of sand and gravel left over from glaciers) that leaked.
  • Spill-Slideshow-Image-7 Moncton June 28, 1915. The pressure of the water collecting behind the dam caused the area to leak and the water appeared in the streets of Moncton.
  • Rattlesnake Lake Moncton July 7, 1929. And thus, Rattlesnake Lake was born.