Stop Phone Books

Dear Seattle Residents and Businesses:

Thank you for your interest in opting out of phone book deliveries. More than 75,000 households and businesses have used the City's "stop phone books" service since its inception in May of 2011, choosing to stop delivery of more than 435,000 individual phone books. That's a phenomenal success!

But for more than a year, the City worked to defend the program against a lawsuit brought by the yellow pages publishing industry. We won the first round in federal district court here, but last fall the Ninth District Court of Appeals ruled against us, stating that the program violated the publishers' rights of free speech. As a result, the City has been required to stop providing the "stop phone books" service that was offered through this web page.

However, the City has signed a statement of shared principles with the Local Search Association, the yellow pages publishers’ trade group, and individual publishers to obtain the best ongoing opt-out service possible. In this statement, the publishers promise to honor all your opt-outs submitted via the City site through April 22, 2013.

And, of course, you can still opt out of phone book delivery by going directly to the publishers’ opt-out site at

Phone Books

You can also opt out of unwanted advertising mail by going to the City's stop junk mail site.

Thanks to all of you who used the City opt-out system. Seattle's program was a national leader and ended a truly significant number of unwanted phone book deliveries, saving almost 400 tons of paper annually.