Water Reports

  • Conservation Achievements
    Ten years of increasing efficiency. Reports discuss the strategies and programs used to reduce demand since 2000.
  • Ordinance No. 120532 Report
    Ordinance No. 120532 is intended to increase water conservation for the protection of the environment and to assist salmon recovery by increasing flows in fish-bearing creeks and rivers.
  • Conservation Potential
    An analysis of the cost, volume, and reliability of water conservation opportunities available within SPU’s entire retail and a portion of the wholesale service area.
  • Water Conservation Survey
    SPU is continually looking for ways to address the needs of residential customers in regards to water conservation.
  • Toilet Performance Report
    Assessing the performance of low water consumption toilets, and to increase customer participation in preventing, detecting and fixing toilet leaks.
  • Toilet Market Research
    The Saving Water Partnership conducted a telephone survey and two focus groups to understand homeowners’ awareness of and attitudes toward replacement of toilet flappers.
  • Commercial Water Conservation
    Reports from Seattle Public Utilities' (SPU) Commercial Water Conservation program.
  • Reclaimed Water Evaluation
    Examining the financial, environmental, and social costs and benefits of delivering reclaimed water to customers in the North Seattle area.