Report a Missed Collection

Did your recycling collection company miss your building? Commercial customers should contact their collection company. Our online form is designed for single family residences but can often be used by apartment and condo owners/managers.

Report a missed collection

Commercial Customers

If you have a City of Seattle commercial garbage account, you are eligible for free cart recycling service. The service is limited to two recycling carts, collected every other week. Contact your garbage provider.

Many recycling companies will pay customers for recyclable materials. For referrals to private providers, contact the Green Business Program.

If your business doesn’t need regular recycling service, you can take accepted materials to the Transfer Stations. There is no charge for recycling traditional items like glass, metal and plastic.

Building Owners and Managers

Free recycling is available for apartments, condominiums, co-ops, fraternities, sororities and house boats. Call (206) 684-7665.

Building Owners and Managers

Event Recycling and Compostables

Washington State law requires beverage vendors at official gatherings and events to provide recycling for single-serving plastic, glass and aluminum containers.

Seattle’s Food Packaging Law requires food service businesses, including food and beverage vendors at events, to use compostable or recyclable food packaging in place of disposables.

Food Packaging Requirements

Business Resources

Bin Rentals and Service Providers

Commercial Compost Collection
City ordinance bans yard debris from garbage.

Commercial / Business Recycling
Recycling help and options for businesses.

Event Recycling & Compostables Tips

Expanded Recycling Requirements
New commercial recycling requirements effective July 1, 2014.

Green Your Business
Tools and assistance to help Seattle area businesses prevent pollution and conserve resources.

Hazardous Waste Management
Help with business waste and recycling, or call (206) 263-8899.

Recycler Annual Reports
Data on annual types and tonnage is required by all recycling businesses.

Recycling & Disposal Stations
Hours, locations, web cams, payment options, rates.