Rebates for Water Efficient Toilets

Toilet in a home bathroom

Service Equity Project

A first step when planning a new project is to look for potential service equity issues.

Recent technology has reduced the amount of water needed to flush toilets. These ‘high efficiency’ toilets cost around $250. SPU will mail a $75 rebate check if the buyer completes and mails the rebate form. With average use, a household will reduce their water bill. In five years, the toilet ‘pays for itself’ when compared to a standard 3.5-gallon flush toilet.

Looking at equity, these questions might come up:

  • Could there be any racial or socio-economic disparities within this rebate program? For example, can all customers afford to pay $250 upfront?
  • How could we measure or observe if racial disparity was occurring? For example, what type of information could we ask for on the rebate form to get a clear picture of which customers are most likely to use the program?