Branch Equity Teams

Picture of approximately 60 SPU Branch Equity Team members

SPU has a long history of supporting service and racial equity. We began building on this core value in 2014 in our Strategic Business Plan. The Branch Equity Team (BET) model launched in 2016. There are Branch Equity Teams in each branch at SPU. Branch Deputies sponsor their individual branch BET to make sure their branch embeds service and racial equity.

EJSE works with each Branch Equity Team to develop annual work plans and track achievements. A total of over 80 staff take part in these teams. This makes sure many voices are heard.

EJSE provides:

  • Key advice and training
  • Support for Women and Minority Business Enterprise
  • Tools designed to support racial equity

To help SPU meet our customers and community’s values, we use the PROSCI Change Management Model.

What Branch Equity Teams do:

The Branch Equity Team model helps SPU branches build equity into the work they do, such as:

  • Develop policies and line of business planning
  • Rank capital projects and make decisions
  • Review maintenance operations and the design of SPU facilities
  • Manage customer call centers and databases
  • Improve access to services
  • Hire
  • Train

Annual work plans include:

  • Create training plans for staff
  • Find and rank opportunities to apply the SPU Equity Toolkit
  • Analyze Women and Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) spending
  • Develop performance measures to check on progress